Our products are all made with the best materials available on the market. Despite everything, there are still certain precautions to take so that your hoop remains beautiful and lasts a long time.

Playing surface

The hula-hoop is in its natural element on the lawn and other similar flat, grassy areas. These surfaces will cause very little damage to your hoop and are ideal for letting loose.

Interior apartment or studio floors are also good surfaces for hula hooping. But, be careful of the walls, especially the corners, which can damage the hoop. Also note that it can leave colored marks on the walls. Install Crystal Clear on your hoop if you don’t want to stain your walls.

That’s no: do not use on gravel, paving stone, asphalt, concrete or any other hard or abrasive surface, such as on the street, on the sidewalk, on an outdoor basketball court or in a parking lot. You risk seriously damaging your hoop, even with Crystal Clear!

Rain, sun, cold

Although a few drops of rain will not damage your hoop, it is not recommended to hula hoop in the rain. This could cause the tape to peel off prematurely.

Sun and heat are no problem for hula hoops. PEX hoops will tend to soften and be a little more flexible, but will return to rigidity afterward. However, it is not recommended to leave a hoop in extreme heat such as in a closed car in direct sunlight.

Cold weather can be a problem for polypro hoops. These will harden and become more brittle and fragile. Cold weather is no problem for PEX hoops.


Certain movements such as wedgies can deform a PEX hoop. Most of the time, you can get it to return to its shape by “working” it with your hands, but if you plan to do this type of movement frequently, a polypro hoop is preferable, because it is more rigid and deforms little.

Collapsible hoops

When a hoop has been kept completely folded for a while and you want to reopen it for use, it is best to let it unfold naturally flat for a few hours before finishing unfolding it to close it. Otherwise, the hoop risks deforming if you force its unfolding too much.


Despite all precautions, over time your hoop will appear its age. But as with many things, the small stains and scratches, traces of a healthy and active life, do not take away from the beauty, quite the contrary.

Have fun!