8 hoops in one

By popular demand, we now offer a range of polypro sectional hoops that allow you to assemble up to 8 different hoop sizes! It’s a [...]

Buying guide for beginners

It is (at first) easier with a large one! Contrary to popular belief, it’s easier to successfully spin around the waist with a large hoop [...]

What To Do To Make It Last

Our products are all made with the best materials available on the market. Despite everything, there are still certain precautions to take so that [...]

To give you ideas

Here are examples of hoops with for each the "recipe" for making it. You can use this information directly when ordering. [...]

  • Grip tapes

Grip Story

Grip tape is an important part of a hula hoop, especially for beginners. It allows good adhesion of the hula hoop on the body [...]

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