Grip tape is an important part of a hula hoop, especially for beginners. It allows good adhesion of the hula hoop on the body and thereby greatly facilitates its control. It is therefore highly recommended for beginners.

However, it is not essential and many hula hoopers choose not to use any for various reasons. For example it can ease isolations and other off-body movements.

Gaffer Tape

Using gaffer tape is the classic way to add grip to a hula hoop. Gaffer tape is typically ½ or ¼ inch wide, with the wider providing more grip than the narrower. There are two ways to install it: by wrapping it in a spiral around the tube or by applying it to the inner side of the hoop. The latter method provides more grip than wrapping, but is a little less durable (the tape peels off more easily and wears out faster).

Also, one thing to know about the color of the gaffer tape: white gets dirty!

Ruban gaffer bleu en spirale

Blue gaffer tape in spiral

Pink gaffer tape on the inner side

3M Grip Tape Clear

This is the ultimate tape to add maximum grip on a hula hoop. It is installed on the inner surface of the tube and, as the name suggests, is nearly invisible and does not affect the appearance of the hula hoop. That said, many don’t appreciate the strength of the grip and compare this tape to sandpaper. It is nevertheless very appreciated by others.

3M Grip Tape Clear on a polypro hoop

Low Profile Grip Tape

The Low Profile Grip tape is less grippy than the 3M grip tape and provides the perfect amount of grip for hooping and trick hoops. It is very thin, thinner than the 3M grip, you can hardly even notice it is there!

Low Profile Grip Tape

Crystal Clear Protection Tape

It is not strictly speaking a grip tape (it is installed as protection over the other tapes), but it also adds excellent grip to the hula hoop, more or less like a gaffer tape. It is therefore not necessary to add grip tape unless you want a more grippy hoop provided by the 3M clear or low profile grip tape, or for aesthetic reasons.

It also adds a subtle aesthetically interesting luster to the hoop.

Hoop with Crystal Clear Protection Tape

Other Methods

For hula hoops that aren’t finished with tape, like colored polypros, there are other ways to add grip. You can sand the inside of the hula hoop with sandpaper to roughen it or apply wax which also increases the grip. The latter solution, however, requires repeating the operation after each use. You should also know that if you choose to sand the inside of a hula hoop, it will be more problematic to apply tape thereafter, since it will adhere less easily.

Cire pour hula-hoop

Wax for hula hoop